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Fitness center

You are welcome to visit ENTERA SPA&Wellness fitness center to join classes of physiotherapy, yoga and pilates, both in a group of with an instructor in a special room. Exercises at a modern fitness center equipped by Technogym power and cardio equipment will allow you to stay in a good shape. Those wishing to work out can use special fitness stops located in the park area.

Poolside leisure

Swimming in Garabagh Resort & SPA pools will be a great fun for the hotel guests. Will be more than actual in the hot summer time to use the outdoor pool to enjoy comfortable sun beds with individual sun visors. While games and exercises in water will be one of the main attractions for numerous fans of active leisure, a great variety of cool soft drinks offering by the pool side bar will help you refresh yourself when the heat is too high. The ENTERA SPA&Wellness indoor pool is pleased to welcome the guests any time throughout the year so that they could extend their vacation even after the vacation season is over.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking with specially designed poles is getting popular as an independent sport activity. A magnificent park with an area of over 130.000 m2 allows for a walking on various distance. The walking involves 90% of the core body muscles that may result in significant improvement in heart and lounges, body balance and coordination.

Healing terrenkur

A method of treatment in resort conditions intended for dose walking on marked trails. Terrenkur improves the organism resistance, improves cardiovascular and respiratory systems, expands the load to muscles, strengthen the metabolism, not to mention a beneficial effect of measured walking on your mood.


Located in the park a miniature version of big golf is really a very simple, creative, quite a new brand of leisure and life style for all people of any age. Today, mini-golf is recognized as a mass, democratic and truly international game.

There are tennis, volleyball and basketball courts in surrounded by pine trees available for active recreation fans.

Children's playground

The playground equipment is a set of constructive structures that contribute to physical and mental development, providing a beneficial effect on the social adaptation of children. Games on fresh air, exciting competitions and many other things will make this area children's favorite playground.

Trade and entertainment center

Trade and entertainment center in the hotel is an opportunity, along with leisure and treatment at the SPA center, to do a little shopping, play on slot machines, try a real pizza in Piazzetta cafe , watch a movie or attend an exciting lecture at the cinema and concert hall, play a party of billiard or enjoy sitting in a cozy cafe and taste the delicious cakes on the background of pleasant murmur of tree-fountain.


You can stay by yourself in the hotel's library and choose a book of your interest. In our library you can find books written in many languages. We suggest that you leave the book you have brought and have finished reading at our library, for someone else who could enjoy it as well, and you can take home a book which you haven’t had time to read.

Business center

For business people who pay time to business during the rest, we offer a well-equipped room for work, business meetings, urgent copying of documents etc.


Tea in Azerbaijan - a traditional drink and a teahouse at the Garabagh Hotel - a place where you can always enjoy freshly brewed tea, served with jam (Azerbaijan has more than 30 species) and various national pastries.